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How much experience a person should have to manage his daily needs? We can understand that some of us have mechanical knowledge and others could be good chiefs or carpenters or electricians but how many of us are really pro’s in it all? No one other than MUFEED, a platform that brings you all the professionals to perform your required jobs on demand!

We Support Each Other In The Community

Not only Muffed is a platform to offer services but it is a new lifestyle when it comes to seeking and providing service, most of the targeted service providers are from the same community of the service seekers, therefore it is considered as well a community support initiative, at the end of the day who can serve you better that someone you know!

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How It Works

Choose the task

Choose from a variety of home services and select the day and time you'd like a qualified service provider to show up. Give us the details and we'll find you the help.

Get matched

Select from a list of qualified service providers for the job. Choose a service provider by their hourly rate and start chatting with them right in the app.

Get it done

Just like that, your service provider arrives and gets the job done. When your task is complete, payment will happen seamlessly and securely through the app.

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